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The Benefits of Domestic Curtains for Your Home

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From time to time, we do realise people with high socioeconomic status choose curtains for their window furnishings. Not just that, often, customers ask us: “Why should we go with domestic curtains for window coverings?”. Here are some of our thoughts and experiences:

Promoting Health

Have you ever realised your window coverings would have impact on your health? One aspect domestic curtains outperform other window coverings is on providing a healthy home environment. Custom made curtains are made to measure for a window to have the full control of the interior lighting and while absorb noise to keep a good sleeping environment for you. Good sleeping the most important factor for good health. So, if you ever experience your sleeping quality is affect by light or noise coming from outside, you may want to consider custom made curtains for your home. In addition, unlike blinds or shutters, the softness of the curtains also keep you comfortable and relaxed all time while at home.

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Interior Light Level Control

Although blind and shutter do provide light blockout, however, most current products have gaps letting light through when closed or expose your privacy to outside when opened. Domestic curtains are designed to have better control of the light entering your home to suit different daily activities. For example, during the day, drawing the blockout curtains open while having the sheer curtain would allow full utilisation of the daylight for activities such as reading or working at home. When the room need to be dark for activities such as home entertainment, closing the blockout curtains would provide a good home theatre environment. So why wasting your money on using electrical devices for interior lighting control while you could utilise the custom made curtains and be more energy efficient?

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Thermal Protection

Numerous reports showed most heat gain and heat loss in/from a home is through windows. Blinds and shutters do provide an layer of thermal protection but custom made curtains provide superb thermal protections. This is because the domestic curtains have higher thermal mass and the ripples act similar to the “fin”. This allows an extra protection against heat gain and heat loss to keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter.

Curtains Sydney | HomeCurtain

Better View

Home is somewhere we live and feel comfortable. It is our personal space. But what make a home different to an office? There are few different aspects but custom made curtains are definitely one of them. Unlike blinds and shutters which make your home boring or office alike, domestic curtains allow a design just for you with range of fabric collections, curtain designs, and hardware choices. You could switch the view to either outside or your creation whichever you feel like at any time. A better home style just for you whether is classical or contemporary style.

Curtains Sydney | HomeCurtain

Privacy Protection

Privacy is very important. However, the presence of blinds or shutters either blockout your view or have no privacy protection as they just  close or open. However, domestic curtains are different. There are range of different fabric selections and designs i.e. sheer and curtains to allow a full lighting control while have the privacy protection.

Furniture Protection

When sunlight hit the interior furniture, flooring product, it is possible to cause colour fade. Curtains could protect this by anti-light to keep the home asset last longer.

HomeCurtain works with every customer to have the benefits from domestic curtains. We strongly believe custom made curtains would bring you the “Healthy and Energy Efficient – a Better Home”.